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Does anyone else ever stop to think about how far they’ve come?

It feels like just the other day I was running around the backyard playing with sticks and my biggest problem was that school would start back up, yet here I am not even twenty years later. I remember the feeling of days dragging on, and classes that never ended, but looking back it seems like it was a snapshot.

Part of me thinks that our brains do this to protect us. If we could recall every second of every day, it would be like torture. Not being able to forget the bad times and never being able to replace the innocent fun times. But sometimes I’m not sure I want that protection, sometimes I think I would like to remember the hard times so I could learn better from them, sometimes I would like remember the innocence so I know the value of what I know now, and sometimes I to be protected from things I do remember.

Life is a collection of decisions stacked against one another, the spaces in between being the blissful moments everyone holds dear. But the decisions are only as important as the outcomes, if the outcome isn’t important then neither is the decision. As long as you do your best to make the right decisions matter, then everything you can control will be blissful. And for all the things you can’t control, toss them to the wind and let the wind control it…


Story: Magi (Part 2)

There are seven magic guilds, I don’t really know much about them, as everyone here has basically tabooed magic, but I’ve been using it for a while now. Nothing impressive just little spells and incantations. I love magic and I want to make my life about using magic to become the best I can be and hopefully help people, but I keep thinking that all I will probably end up doing is learning a healing spell or two and opening up a healing house in some backwater town.

I don’t worry though because I know that along the way I am gonna have fun and make friends. I also know that the ale I stole from the vender three streets back is starting to kick in and I might be drunk, but that’s okay I can manage.

There was a line to get into the town hall so I waited in the room I had rented at my uncle’s tavern. The noise generated from the other residences keeps me from sleeping, yet I laid on the bed. The sun came in through the window giving light to all the emptiness left behind except the bed and wardrobe. I placed my hand into the open air. I stopped to examine my palm, the familiar lines with no trace of dirt or grime. I put my hand as far from my body as I could and made a fist. Out of my fist came a small shimmer of smoke. I opened my hand and watched as the flame danced about my palm. I laid there and played with my fire, passing it between my hands and allowing it to grow to different sizes. I allowed the flame to move around my fingers before settling back on my palm. There was very little heat coming from it but still the amount of light you would expect. I grew tired and went to extinguish my flame when a thought hit me, what if my palm is not the only place that I can control fire with. What if I could produce it from my feet, or my chest, or elbows, what if I breathe fire like a dragon?



There is often discussions in my university about why people act the way they do. Why businesses make decisions, why artists made something this way and not that way, why philosophers thought this and not that, why there are so many religions based on the same book, why people cannot stop hurting one another, every time these conversations come up I always come back to the same thought: Interpretation.

Many of these debates are based on a decision made through personal experiences, personal understanding, and individual beliefs. I don’t think that one way is right and the other is wrong, we are simply looking at the result of that person’s life up to that point. Every thing in that life lead up to that moment, I could never fully understand how that person felt, thought, acted, until I know their entire life. Many people want to jump to obvious reasoning: he is just a business man looking for money, he just liked the way it looked, she simply thought that was right, people just don’t understand what the book means, people are selfish and don’t care about one another.

I disagree, no one wants these things to be thought of them. Everyone has reasons, means, and thoughts behind what they do. I think it is important to take a minute and try to figure out WHY things happened and not just WHEN and HOW. Am I wrong for giving people the benefit of the doubt? If someone steals something, does that mean that they should be known as a thief for the rest of their life? What if they stole it for charity, or some other Robin Hood like means, it would be impossible to know that if you take the fact that they are a thief at face value. Maybe we need to start trying to understand the other person and not just that one decision we perceived.


Story: Magi (Part 1)

I was bursting with excitement. The thrill of the day was buzzing about the forum of the main city of my region. The Farms are a peaceful and beautiful place to live. Sadly the only adventure you get is when you break the neighbors fence to let his cows run free over the pasture. The sea was to the west and every night the sun sank down low to kiss it before filling the sky with the most beautiful sunset in all of the five kingdoms.

The most populated place in the region was the main city of Rose Peak. It set on top a mountain from there the early settlers of The Farms survived the floods. Legend has it that back then the mountain was so cold that the farmers food would stay fresh for seven weeks. The farmers traded what little crops and belongings they had to keep their families fed. But the most spectacular thing to be seen for those seven weeks was The White Rose that grew at the highest point of the mountain. It is too cold for anything to grow this high up and way too cold for roses and yet legend has it that the old church was built to keep people from taking the rose. And since this was the first place that the region came together as a whole it became the main trading post and eventually the main city.

Even though this city has such lively and interesting founding, it is mostly just a trading center for crops and tools. On the whole mountain, that we generously call a city, there is only one book store and three food courts. On any given day you are just as likely to die of boredom as you are Green Grass Fever.

But today is different. Today the whole city is like an agitated bee hive. Every street is full of guys sweeting in their festive best and women looking charmed in theirs. The annual flooding festival was here. Years ago today the settlers of The Farms climbed the mountain to avoid the incoming flood.

The desperate struggle to survive stopped when The Farms became the main source of food for the kingdom and was exporting to two others just to be able to get by the weeks of flooding. Our beloved king, who died in a fire, wanted to build a wall to stop the flooding. Instead wizards from Qualis Rex placed an enchantment on the sea wall, so now the more crops that grow in The Farms the higher the sea wall will rise. Most of the farmers are too scared and sceptical of magic to go see the flood that should destroy their homes beat helplessly against the magic barrier, so they gather together in the main city to honor and celebrate their past. Mostly by getting drunk and having parties. The celebrities are to spend time together however the crowd sees fit, which means the men dress in the most expensive clothes they can find and the women dress in as little as possible. Luckily we are on a freezing mountain so everyone is still pretty well covered.

But none of this is why I am excited for today. Today I turn 18 which means I can finally sign up for a guild, and it just so happens that the guilds that operate from outside the local region, so the non-farm guilds, only stop by today. My parents of course want me to join a farm guild but I refuse to live my life in the boring green hills between the mountains and the sea. So I will sign up with the guild that will take me beyond the mountain to see the world.

Not just any guild, there are many. Masonry, business, mercenary, of course the farm guilds, transport agents, and even some underworld guilds like the assassin guild, the thieves guild, the con guild, but they don’t advertise and you have to find them in some back alley somewhere. But I am going to join a magic guild.