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January 12, 2018

First blog post

by silencedsilvertongue

This is my first ever blog post, why not write about something easy and simple?

I have always found it…funny, and yet annoying, how every time I sit down to write something, a story, an email, a letter to a friend; yes, I hand write letters every now and again; all the ideas and thoughts I planned out throughout the day simply vanish.

For example, as I drove back to school today, I thought of a story I have started writing. In a nutshell it is about a boy and girl who are serial killers for lack of better life choices. I planned out how the story would open, I introduced, killed, and developed characters, I tried to predict the best way for them to travel and get away from the police, I even ended the book. When I sat down at my laptop to write down a rough draft, an outline, anything to start the story, I could not recollect any information about it. Many of my fellow writers have suggested mobile apps and techniques to help plan my stories, however they all have the same problems, I can not be on my phone while driving, and I come up with a lot of content while I am driving, also by the time I start to record my idea in the app it is so complex, or I waited too long, and the idea fades and I am left with very random scattered details of an amazing story.

This problem presents itself with academic papers as well. Many of the papers I wrote were absolutely nothing like my initial interpretation of the instructions. Most of the papers I turned in were wrote in a “on-the-fly” kinda paragraph shoot-out. One of the added stresses to group projects is how I often write the paper in one sitting. I had four different group projects and a paper due with each, I was one of the weak points in our teams because of my lack of writing capabilities. I tried to work ahead and keep up with the time management to help the team but often failed. Overall all four groups past, but I still feel as if I needed to pull more of my own weight.

From all the posts around social media I have found that I am not alone in this, and that many other writers struggle with this issue. I have no solution or wise wisdom for this. In a large part as I do not stress to fix this.  I find it a fun pass time, to rewrite my stories and see how each one can change. I still wish to write more and get my ideas down on paper, however it is good practice to change them and write different stories.

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