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January 13, 2018

Story: The Queen’s Tale

by silencedsilvertongue

Disclaimer: I wrote this via text message to a girl I was trying to impress so if it seems to be broken up and odd, it is. She did not care for it and eventually we fell out of communication, however I still like it and thought I would share it.


A great queen? I am not sure I have ever know of any stories…
Oh yes, there is one tell I know, of a queen long since forgotten. Queen Branwen, the beautiful raven, her name spoke no words to the beauty which she had. Both in body and in soul, a gentile ruler to say the least, the desire of any kingdom was to have a ruler like her. She ruled with a kind heart and level head, not a strong shield and swift sword. She was happy…until the outbreak began, the plight, the night of eternal darkness, the beginning of The Hardened Queen.
It was a sickness unlike any other, it turned honest man, mad; good man, evil; dead into monsters; and Queens into Tyrants. At first Queen Branwen acted with justice and love, caring for those infected, loving for those who needed protection. After months and months under siege from faces recently lost to death, her heart could not take it. It became black, shriveled, empty, and lost. Her actions no longer cared for her people or their safety. She became so oppressed with genocide that she forgot the price they’d have to pay to succeed in a war with no honor.
It was a losing battle for many a years, in the beginning the Queen thought only heaven could save them, by the end she had thrown heaven to the wind for a more responsive ally. The beasts that once tormented her people would fly in dozens to save them. She bartered all she had, every last piece of her soul, the corrupt horrid thing it became. The beasts held no desire for her people and her riches were never out of their reach, they simply didn’t see the need for it. The beasts won the war, by burning every infected town, every infect wood, every infected body was burn beyond rebirth. In the end the sickness was stopped, but much of the kingdom had suffered, more than half had taken to ash, and those who did live, barely wanted to. Many left for new lives, the only defense the kingdom had was the beasts that once sot to terrorize it. Let a lesson come from this that no ally is free. And the Queen learned that lesson a little too late
The Queen had bargained her soul away, but with it went the freedom of the kingdom. The beasts ruled with strong punishments and little morals. In the end the Queen was seen as useless and weak, she was exiled and chased into the wild country. The beasts now had complete and unopposed rule, or so they thought.
From within soldiers put down their weapons to pick up students, taught only one skill: killing the beasts. They trained in caves and in cover of the forests. They became so good that they became feared by the soldiers and common folk alike. There was one for every beast and they learned the strengths and weakens of all of them but mastered the knowledge of only one each. Meanwhile, in the wild lands, the Forgotten Queen gathered as many peoples as she could find, she learned to tame the creatures in the wild, and started an army of outcasts.
With the new army she lead an attack against three of the beasts, little did she know that the others would come to their aid. In full numbers the beasts seemed immortal, however in the moment with lost hope, no faith, and draining morals, the Queen found aid in the people she had left no room in her heart for. In the end no beast flew away.
In the ash stained aftermath, the Queen stood alone and with no power. The people soon realized that the defenses of the kingdom stood upon a strong ruler. The Queen accepted and the proposed counsel, to protect the kingdom from the corruption of the Queen’s heart. The fear of the beast-slayers had been spoken of with much distaste for their existence. The decision was exile and disbandment, with much distaste the slayers left. The Queen ruled for a great many years powerful and peaceful, but no peace lasts forever.

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