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January 17, 2018

Story: Early Days of Creation

by silencedsilvertongue

It’s been so long that none of them remembers who came first. Leoht claims to be the first born, although Shadus is her twin. Oum is said to be the first child of Leoht. Strong, enduring, resolute, Oum was humble to his mother, and soon to come siblings. It is said that Oum was the only child that spoke on a regular basis to his uncle, Shadus. Heoth was the next to come. Hot-headed, strong willed, vehement Heoth often found himself in arguments with his siblings. In the end only Oum sought a truce with Heoth. The twins Eis and Aria came last, one to fill the valleys and one to fill the mountains. For eternity they lived as siblings generally peaceful. Yet Shadus was never accepted among the Ancients.

After a millennium, Oum bore his first children. They were dull creatures with very little signs of alertness. These creatures walked with impunity of Oum’s back. Animae, goddess over life was borne to Heoth. She was a disappointment to Heoth. Calm of mind and welcoming of Oum’s new creatures. Due to his rage over her disappointment Heoth shunned Animae to speak only to her own born creatures. Shortly after Animae created her first creature from the skin of Oum, breath of Aria, concentrate of Eis, and flare from Heoth, Oum bore a daughter named Fata. Fata was born with a curse, all things she desired, she destroyed.

Fata took pity on Animae, for she knew the pain and suffering of a curse. Soon Fata fell in love with Animae and all her creations, yet Animae could not speak to Fata. In all the time that passed between them, Animae grew to love the one who was loyal and kind to the Silent Invidiae. Fata tried idea after idea to discover a way to understand what her love was thinking. Every word written in the sands where no more than scribble lines to Fata, after years of studying them Fata knew only that her love could not speak to her. Animae, lost to hopelessness of never telling her beloved of how much she loved her, cried.

All of her creations came to comfort her but nothing helped. Eventually Animae came to a solution. She spent one moon cycle in Reflection to bare a creation that could carry her words to her lover, as her shunning was placed on Animae herself but not her creatures. The creature she bore was loyal to Animae. It went from her straight to Fata. And from its lips Fata heard her beloved’s voice whisper, “Eternity will end, Knowledge will be forgotten, Desire will be ignored, and I will still remember to love you.” From Fata’s touch the creature died. Animae, learned of the creature’s death and tried to make another to speak to her beloved. Heoth learned of this and buried Animae deep within Oum, allowing her only to make creations with no voice. Fata cried at the loss of her beloved and swore an oath to one day lock Heoth in a cage of torment until he knew the pain she felt.

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