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January 19, 2018


by silencedsilvertongue

I have a few decisions to make, some about my academic career, some about my home life, some about my personal life, but all of them will affect my future. Many people have said to me that I’m at a crossroads, that each thing I decide will put me down a different path. Without getting into a discussion about predetermination, I would like to argue against that.

What I decide to do will change my life, even if it is the wrong decision or if I decide later to go back and try a different option. The decision I make will give me the experience of traveling down that path. None of that I disagree with, however I am not at a crossroads. A crossroads is thought of as two paths meeting at a perpendicular intersection. Meaning, if I decide to take the path laid out to my left or right, then I will travel in a completely different direction then the way I was.

This is simply not true. My goals will still be the same, my hopes, my dreams, my morals, my belief systems, will all still be the same. I will not decide to stop being the good person I try to be, I will aim for the same goals, the paths I chose to take do not hinder my purpose as a person. Whether or not that purpose is predetermined.

It is unhealthy to think of the options in front of us as crossroads. No matter the path I choose, I will still be the same person. My views may change due to the experiences I get, but I am no less the person I was when I started because I decided to turn left over right.

The options laid before me are better described as a fork in the road. Some paths may take me on scenic routes where I will learn to understand things in different ways. Some paths may be covered by the same forest of uncertainty that I have been walking through. Some paths may even paved so the that I may walk to my destination with ease. Regardless of which path I choose, I will still be walking toward my end goal, I will still be walking in the same direction.

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