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January 24, 2018


by silencedsilvertongue

There is often discussions in my university about why people act the way they do. Why businesses make decisions, why artists made something this way and not that way, why philosophers thought this and not that, why there are so many religions based on the same book, why people cannot stop hurting one another, every time these conversations come up I always come back to the same thought: Interpretation.

Many of these debates are based on a decision made through personal experiences, personal understanding, and individual beliefs. I don’t think that one way is right and the other is wrong, we are simply looking at the result of that person’s life up to that point. Every thing in that life lead up to that moment, I could never fully understand how that person felt, thought, acted, until I know their entire life. Many people want to jump to obvious reasoning: he is just a business man looking for money, he just liked the way it looked, she simply thought that was right, people just don’t understand what the book means, people are selfish and don’t care about one another.

I disagree, no one wants these things to be thought of them. Everyone has reasons, means, and thoughts behind what they do. I think it is important to take a minute and try to figure out WHY things happened and not just WHEN and HOW. Am I wrong for giving people the benefit of the doubt? If someone steals something, does that mean that they should be known as a thief for the rest of their life? What if they stole it for charity, or some other Robin Hood like means, it would be impossible to know that if you take the fact that they are a thief at face value. Maybe we need to start trying to understand the other person and not just that one decision we perceived.

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