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January 25, 2018

Story: Magi (Part 2)

by silencedsilvertongue

There are seven magic guilds, I don’t really know much about them, as everyone here has basically tabooed magic, but I’ve been using it for a while now. Nothing impressive just little spells and incantations. I love magic and I want to make my life about using magic to become the best I can be and hopefully help people, but I keep thinking that all I will probably end up doing is learning a healing spell or two and opening up a healing house in some backwater town.

I don’t worry though because I know that along the way I am gonna have fun and make friends. I also know that the ale I stole from the vender three streets back is starting to kick in and I might be drunk, but that’s okay I can manage.

There was a line to get into the town hall so I waited in the room I had rented at my uncle’s tavern. The noise generated from the other residences keeps me from sleeping, yet I laid on the bed. The sun came in through the window giving light to all the emptiness left behind except the bed and wardrobe. I placed my hand into the open air. I stopped to examine my palm, the familiar lines with no trace of dirt or grime. I put my hand as far from my body as I could and made a fist. Out of my fist came a small shimmer of smoke. I opened my hand and watched as the flame danced about my palm. I laid there and played with my fire, passing it between my hands and allowing it to grow to different sizes. I allowed the flame to move around my fingers before settling back on my palm. There was very little heat coming from it but still the amount of light you would expect. I grew tired and went to extinguish my flame when a thought hit me, what if my palm is not the only place that I can control fire with. What if I could produce it from my feet, or my chest, or elbows, what if I breathe fire like a dragon?

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