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January 26, 2018


by silencedsilvertongue

Does anyone else ever stop to think about how far they’ve come?

It feels like just the other day I was running around the backyard playing with sticks and my biggest problem was that school would start back up, yet here I am not even twenty years later. I remember the feeling of days dragging on, and classes that never ended, but looking back it seems like it was a snapshot.

Part of me thinks that our brains do this to protect us. If we could recall every second of every day, it would be like torture. Not being able to forget the bad times and never being able to replace the innocent fun times. But sometimes I’m not sure I want that protection, sometimes I think I would like to remember the hard times so I could learn better from them, sometimes I would like remember the innocence so I know the value of what I know now, and sometimes I to be protected from things I do remember.

Life is a collection of decisions stacked against one another, the spaces in between being the blissful moments everyone holds dear. But the decisions are only as important as the outcomes, if the outcome isn’t important then neither is the decision. As long as you do your best to make the right decisions matter, then everything you can control will be blissful. And for all the things you can’t control, toss them to the wind and let the wind control it…

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