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February 1, 2018

Magi (part 3)

by silencedsilvertongue

I almost laughed at the thought of breathing fire, it would be dangerous and illegal for sure, but fun as hell. I became excited by the idea and decided that I would try to place the fire on my bare chest before I extinguish it. I was only in short and laying down so it should be easy. I took my hand and placed it above my chest as if to slap the fire into my heart. I lowered my hand until There was any air above or below the fire. It didn’t burn me, it was a comforting warmth on my chest. I slowly pulled my hand away and to my amusement the fire remained. I allowed it to grow until I could easily look up at it while my head relaxed on the bed.

I watch the flames dancing to an unknown tune and listened to the yelling and shouting from the window. The sun was slowly setting but it was hard to tell because of all the lights that burnt in the open windows. There was no break between dusk and dawn this time of year, for every people that lays in the hay one wakes up to continue the party. Between the drinking, games, and usually frowned upon sex, there was little time for any sleep, so the few hours of quiet the city does get you usually find yourself at the breakfast table with a crappy smile because the room is empty and the tables are dirty.

I don’t know when it happened but at some point through my criticism of celebrations I dozed off. I woke up to the bright light of a fire in my eyes. I had trouble believing that the fire stayed going after I dozed off and with no conscious thought had changed to a bluish tint while I slept. I drew my energy away from the fire until it dissipated into my chest. I had hoped to get to the guild signing early but it looked like mid day and they shut down shortly after.

Clothes seemed unimportant as I gathered my things and I almost walked into the hallway in my night shorts. Normally that would be fine, however this was not the day to let my Uncle Ulric know that I sleep without underclothes, a sin in some parts of the country. It just so happens that that part of the country is where my father and Uncle Ulric grew up.

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