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Good Person

Does doing good things make me a good person? I know that many books have been filled with this topic but I have been struggling with this idea for a while lately. My friends are all good people who care and try to help but all their efforts to make me feel better end up making me feel like I am that much more of a non-good person.

I don’t think I am a bad person but I feel that I am no where near the good person I try to be. Perhaps I spend too much time trying to improve myself and not enough time appreciating myself.


Fighting Words

A fellow RA came into my room today in tears. After crying for a while, she told us that she had responded to a noise complaint and the man who was responsible used his size to intimidate her, as well as make her so uncomfortable, and unsafe, that she was brought to tears.

I am a rather large man, I am 6’4″ and even though a strong wind could knock me over, many friends have told me I can be intimidating. Using my size to intimidate someone who is trying to do their job is an idea that disgusts me. I can not understand why people feel that just because they are bigger they can harm those who are smaller.



It has been many months since I have posted here. I would like to say that I was too busy or that I lost access but I can not. The months that have pasted have been honestly good to me. I have found many friends, true honest friends, I have gotten better grades in my studies, and have had many character building moments that have changed me for the better. Still, if I am going to mention the good moments I should also mention the bad. My girlfriend of almost two years cheated on me with me best friend. I no longer speak to either of them but my family still does which has lead to many awkward moments. In the end, I have had a rather nice time the past few months, even with all the difficult things that have happened.