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There is so many things to keep you from what you want. I fight everyday with the thought of losing my family. Even thinks that I will most likely be the last alive always brings a tear to my eye. I know we are all mortal but I don’t think I could face the caskets that I will lower into the ground. I fear moving away from my family, yet I fear what kind of person I will become if I stay. It is the hardest decision I have ever been presented with. Leave the ones I love to become what I would love to be, or forego my loves to stay with those that love me?



Actions may speak louder than words, but words are more important. You can show someone you love them, you can break many promises through actions, you can destroy relationships through words. The most powerful movements were not started through an action, it takes a thought. A thought that ignites the fire that reshapes how people see people, how people see thier beliefs, how people see love. And a thought is no more than words arranged into an emphasized idea.



I have decided I do not age, I simply depreciate.


Standing Still

If you aren’t moving, you’re standing still. There is only two things you can do when you’re standing still, observe and waste time.


My Friend-Type

There is hardly enough time in this life for me to waste all that I do on fake people. That is why I always make friends with weirdos and outcasts, no one pretends to be an outcast to hurt someone. And you can tell the liars from the real outcasts, one will be trying to fit in, the other will not know how to fit in in the first place.